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Coulter defends Romney instituting 'gay' marriage yet admits court 'ordered' nothing

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Coulter defends Romney instituting 'gay' marriage yet admits court 'ordered' nothing


[ACA Note: Read the Goodridge decision for yourself. Governor Mitt Romney was not 'a party' to the case, had no 'declaratory judgment' against him, and yet Ann Coulter misrepresents this simple truths to defend him for forcing homosexual marriage on the people of Massachusetts . Her motives cannot justify this despicable deception to defend such treachery against God, country, and family.]



From: Ann Coulter <>

Date: Mon, Dec 24, 2007 at 9:55 AM

Subject: Re: my reply

To: Gregg Jackson <>


I'm not against hate, crazy gringo.' I'M ANN COULTER.' I agree romney is untrustworthy, probably a moderate republican, and I'll certainly spend a lot of time attacking him if he becomes president.' but I think he's better than giuliani or mccain or huckabee.''




From: Gregg Jackson <>

Date: Mon, Dec 24, 2007 at 9:08 AM

Subject: my reply

To: Ann Coulter <>


Coulter: Greg - you are going crazy with hatred for romney.'' there's a lot not to like about him -- though less than there is not to like about rudy or mccain or thompson or huckabee -- BUT THIS ISN'T IT.


All right, Ann. I'll get treatment.' Someone had to just stop me cold. That's what friends are for.'' Please do that whenever I go crazy with hatred, okay?


I think I'm going crazy with hatred for abortion too. And sodomy-based adoption. And "conservative" Republicans who claim to be fighting these things but turn out to have made Faustian bargains with Log Cabin Republicans in closed door meetings not reported until 4 years later, when the New York Times feels sure it can't be undone and it's finally safe to let folks know how they ended up with sodomy-based "marriage" without no involvement from the sole law-making authority in their constitution.


I've got to get treatment. This "hate" stuff is driving me crazy.


I don't even know if I should tell you this, Ann, but there are lots of people who say I'm going crazy with hatred for liberalism because I like Ann Coulter's books. What do you think? Where do ya get help for this kind of raw hatred?


And I'm starting to see in the Scriptures that Christ was really going crazy with hatred for the lawyers, writers, (scribes) and sanctimonious profiteers among the Religious Right (Pharisees). I mean look at the extreme and nutty things he said to them. They weren't the barbarian, sodomizing Romans. These were the good guys:

''' 39And the Lord said unto him, Now do ye Pharisees make clean the outside of the cup and the platter; but your inward part is full of ravening and wickedness.'' 43Woe unto you, ...for ye love the uppermost seats in the synagogues, and greetings in the markets. 44Woe unto you, writers and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are unmarked graves, and men walk over them unaware (and defile themselves ceremonially).

'' 45Then answered one of the lawyers, and said unto him, Master, thus saying thou reproachest us also.

'' 46And he said, "Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers. 52Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.


That Jesus was crazy with hatred, eh?


Coulter: ...there's a lot not to like about him -- though less than there is not to like about rudy or mccain or thompson or huckabee -- BUT THIS ISN'T IT.


You mean, for example that he and Sekulow keep lying about this staged pro-life "conversion," using as proof the "Pro-life Leader of the Year" award he got from Mass Citizens for Life.'' I know this is more hate and craziness, but a good friend of mine spent 5-6 hours on the phone with 4 different senior people at MCFL, and, um, well, here's a scoop if you want one: Romney bought that "award" with cold cash. To pull it off, he had to bypass MCFL's board of directors and deal with a local chapter that wasn't even authorized to issue any award.'' He dealt with a local politician who arranged it. When word got back to the state leadership it nearly tore the organization in half because not one serious pro-lifer considered Romney pro-life. (At the upcoming meeting the President was not reelected). MCFL has been a really wimpy organization into occasional coffee and donuts with four successive GOP governors catering to Planned Parenthood and Log Cabin.'' When the state leadership found out Romney had literally BOUGHT an un-authorized and bogus "pro-life" award from the Springfield chapter they decided to just keep the money and hush it up. Way too embarrassing for the state leadership.'' Again, nearly destroyed the organization. New president in place now.' This is a major campaign scandal, Ann, since Romney and Sekulow are ruthlessly using this back-alley, cash-on-the-barrel "Pro-Life Leader of the Year" "award" as proof that Romney has a legitimate seal of approval. Of course, he used the same approach to get the seal of approval from Planned Parenthood in his first two campaigns.'' This is a FAR, FAR bigger scandal than the MLK lie and "lifetime hunter"- lifetime NRA member lies.


Coulter: a declaratory judgment still requires the parties to conform their conduct to the judgment.


See, Ann, I guess it's that crazy hatred of mine, but the B A S I C' facts that none of our superstar "conservative" legal expert" friends bothered to do due diligence on keep getting in my way.'' Crazy hateful facts. Like this one: Mitt Romney was not a party to the Goodridge case.' Whoops!


And, as I warned you, it gets much, much, much worse.


IT WOULD NOT HAVE MATTERED IF THE GOVERNOR HAD BEEN A PARTY TO THE CASE BECAUSE AS ROMENY WAS ACUTELY AWARE, the SJC had just reminded his predecessor, Governor Jane Swift only one year earlier that they, the SUPREME JUDICIAL COURT could not give orders to or otherwise compel the chief executive -- OR THE LEGISLATURE in any way. "MANDAMUS IS NOT AVAILABLE AGAINST THE GOVERNOR OR THE LEGISLATURE."


I warned you, Ann. Almost every single legal principle was shredded by Romney in his fairy tale about how the mean judges "made him give illegal orders to the JP's and town clerks." The people who did the research on this spent three years. What do you think Sekulow, Glendon, French, Bopp and Hewitt spent combined?'' Three days? If word gets out of the scale of malpractice, some folks are going to be flipping burgers with Ivy League degrees.


And I haven't even gotten started.' I haven't even shocked you with some of the names who have confirmed what I'm gently trying to tell you.'' You know those handsome "conservative" legal experts we admire so much? They're Stepford wives. Fakes.' They winged it through the most important case in their lives.


One quote from a heavyweight jurist on this: "This pulls the rug out from under Romney's marriage licenses. How did we miss this?"


Do you realize, Ann, how many gay lawyers are still laughing at Sekulow, Bopp, French, Glendon, Hewitt, and other "conservative" legal pundits who are defending Romney's actions?'' Do you grasp that Lawrence Tribe and his friends are still in shock at our side's stupidity?' Do you realize that Mary Bonauto (the plaintiff's attorney in Goodridge), Margaret Marshall and her three co-conspirators were in shock when Romney bypassed the Legislature and did what the Legislature had been asked to do, but did not do? How do we know this? Because it's in the record, if you're paying attention. They were not asking the governor to get involved because the MA Constitution is not a miniature of the U.S. Constitution and John Adams designed it specifically for this situation. He put multiple road blocks in the way.


Do you realize that after the elections the MA legislature will be free to legalize sodomy-based "marriage" for real this time?'' Do you realize that when the Goodridge opinion came out' the MA voters would have voted to outlaw gay marriage? Do you realize that the only way gay marriage could have happened was for a stealth "conservative" Republican -- even better, a Mormon! -- to pull it off while pretending to'' be forced against his will?


Remember how the French generals left over from WWI botched the defense against the German Wermacht and the Luftwaffe because they were incompetent? We are where we are because the Bopps, Sekulow's, French's and Hewitts are INCOMPETENT and arrogant. They are covering up their malpractice. And there are lawyers and law professors who KNOW that -- people whom you know or whom you have read in, oh, say, the National Review, the WS Journal, etc. But they are keeping their mouths zipped shut because their closest colleagues surrendered the biggest, most anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-child, anti-humanity legal battle since Roe.'' How about this quote from a lawyer who has won a famous case before the U.S. Supremes:

"The nationally known celebrity conservative lawyers flew in, botched their response to Goodridge, fell for Romney like idiots and left Massachusetts in much worse shape than it would have been if they have never showed up to handle it. One national firm even plagiarized my legal research."

How about this quote from an attorney at one of the national conservative public interest law firms: "The conservative legal community botched the defense of marriage in Massachusetts ." You know why they aren't all ratting on their friends, Ann?


Ask, George Bernard Shaw, but you may not like his answer: "All the professions are conspiracies against the laity."


Coulter: They may not be "ordered" to, [ACA: she admits knowledge of this] but failure to abide by a judgment to which you are a party [ACA: Goodridge does not even mention the governor] would be basis for contempt or other sanctions.'' the mass s. ct would have loved to start throwing contempt citations around and romney would have been considered a nut by even 90% of the federalist society.


Be serious, Ann. You're winging it. So much time has passed that your memory is creating conditions that did not exist. You gotta trust me when I tell you the people who did the three years of research have enough to meet not the civil standard but the criminal standard of proof, about five times over. ' If they go public they can destroy some careers.


Find one court that has ever either "thrown a contempt citation around" or enforced any citation against a governor or president.


Coulter: I don't know what nuts you are talking to, but this is crazy. AND I'M SOMEONE WHO SUPPORTS GOVT OFFICIAL IGNORING SOME COURT ORDERS.


No you're not Ann. You just think you are.' Just like Hugh Hewitt, who told Romney to ignore Goodridge. That's why we're not just losing the culture war and our civilization. We're giving it to the sodomites and baby-eating cannibals faster than they are even asking for it.'' The bad guys had no clue Romney was going to go around the Legislature when they didn't change the statute. Who thought a Mormon Republican would violate about six different articles of the MA Constitution and do something the opinion never asked him to do?'' Too counter-intuitive! That was Romney's genius. And he carefully explained to the Log Cabin dudes twice that his demographic profile was the reason he could pull it off. Smart guy, eh? And good-looking too?


Coulter: yes,' it would have been fun, but then it would also have been fun for Bush to send armed troops into Florida to save Terry Schiavo (as I argued he should have done in a column at the time).'' still, I would not impeach the guy for not doing it.


Just curious, Ann, what would Romney, Bush or Pryor have lost by doing the right thing? Retard their career advancement? I guess they then have to commit hari-kari, right?

Would they have to sacrifice their chance to be POTUS? Pryor would lose a promotion?' Get a contempt citation?


That's a joke, legally, Ann, but let's pretend they get a contempt citation, first time in U.S. history. And additionally, let's pretend the U.S. Supremes uphold that contempt citation (NOT possible: get out your old textbooks. Look up "separation of powers.". Okay, in a pretend world Bush or Romney or even Pryor get a contempt citation. Let's make it really interesting. They get fined twenty-thousand dollars and spend three weeks eating jail food.'' Couldn't happen, right. No problem. I'll give that to you anyway. Imagine the worse possible outcome for your heroes and then triple it.


Do the moral math, Anne. We send young men to Iraq and Afghanistan to defend our right to govern ourselves under the constitutions that heroic "conservative" lawyers, judges and politicians surrender. When a soldier swears an oath we hold him to it. He's not a lawyer, a judge, a pundit, a governor. He's a grunt. He can miss the three most magical years of his children's childhood defending Ann Coulter, Gregg Jackson, Jim Bopp, Jay Sekulow, Mitt Romney and Bill Pryor so they can continue on with their precious careers. That stupid grunt can lie awake every night wondering if his wife is with another man. That stupid grunt can take a lead bullet in his eye, shrapnel in his skull. He can see his buddies cut to pieces by bullets. He can get flattened by his own tank when the driver panics and backs over him or get turned into ashes by friendly fire. Or he can go home and find that the nightmares and the fear never go away and he can't function in society any more. And who prosecutes the soldier who screws up? Deserts, makes a serious blunder? Goes berserk? A lawyer.


When a lawyer joins the bar or a governor or a judge takes their oath, that oath is a total and absolute joke, Ann.'' At the end of a meeting with four attorney's who handled Cardinal O'Malley's interaction with Romney during the Goodridge situation, one of the lawyers told my friend who has spent three years on this: "The oath of office is meaningless." He was saying it approvingly -- cynically proud of his pragmatism -- in response to the detailed proof that had just been presented to them that Romney had violated the law and suckered all four of them into vouching for him. Because, Jesus Christ was right in Luke 11, Ann Coulter:

46And he said, "Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers. 52Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.

So, while the solder and sailors are sacrificing precious months of fatherhood, or careers or dying overseas to protect us from foreign enemies of our Constitution, who's got their backs? Is anyone showing one percent of the commitment and courage fighting the "enemies domestic" Are lawyers, judges, governors supposed to make extreme sacrifices to protect Terry Schiavo from Dr. Mengele? Or to protect children from the lifetime curse of a childhood spent with two homosexuals pretending to be his or her parents?


Would you rather take a U.S. marine's oath to defend the U.S. Constitution and go to Iraq and get blown up -- or take the oath Slick Willard and Jeb Bush and Billy Bobb Pryor swore, and then actually have to sacrifice or risk something to uphold that oath. Ann, if you swear "So help me God," and then you realize it's way, way better for your career if you fudge it and let Terry Schiavo die or let sodomy-based marriage happen, is that violating the third commandment or do hyper-ambitious over-achieving lawyers, and politicians get to take the holy name of God in vain? Is there a special exemption for the elites, when it comes to wiggling out of solemn oaths that come due? And, truly, Ann, aren't we conservatives the biggest hypocrites in the world for fantasizing that we're supporting the troops when they come home to unconstitutional gay marriage, mandatory gay indoctrination in schools in violation of the 2000-yrs of precedent on parents' rights, unconstitutionally imposed industrial-scale abortion, post-Kelo totalitarian imminent domain and whatever else was surrendered by placebo-conservatives getting rich by not making Judge Roy Moore's "mistake?" Judge Roy Moore's stand was not a test of his acumen. He passed his test. It was a test of Sekluow, Bopp, French, Lowry, Will, Krauthammer, and the entire placebo-conservative "elite."'' They failed.


"...for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers. 52Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.


Coulter: Roy Moore tried that kind of thing, and that bleeding heart Arkansas AG BILL PRYOR ran him out of office. (if you don't know, Pryor is among the most rt-wing Christian lawyers in America , often praised in my columns.)'' should we impeach Bill Pryor from the federal bench because he wouldn't help Moore defy court decisions on the ten commandments in the courtroom?


Ann, there was zero pressure on Romney since Goodridge merely urged the legislature to legalize sodomy-based "marriage." He had Mary Anne Glendon, Hewitt and numerous legal experts telling him he had no basis for implementing anything. Romney spent months carefully creating using the media to create the illusion that he was forced to give orders that violated the statutes and the constitution. Hadley Arkes caught him on it. Phyllis Schlafly caught him on it. Buchanan wrote that Romney would have been hailed a national hero and waltzed into the White House had he done nothing. What they apparently did not get -- at least until the Sept 8 NY Times article revealed it (link below), was that Romney's thought process had nothing in common with Jeb Bush's. We now know why Romney acted though the court never even anticipated his involvement. He had heavyweight backing to simply wait for legalization or no legalization from the legislature. Impeachment was not a threat. The legislature itself did not give the judges their wish, Ann. Be SERIOUS! Why would they impeach him when the people backed him, the constitution required him to wait for legislation and in the meantime to seek removal of the judges for hearing a case outside their jurisdiction and for trashing the rational basis standard. But he had opposed the 2002 marriage amendment and he now OPPOSED removing the four judges, even with three scorching dissenting opinions that made the case for him.


Ann, Romney looked into the eyes of the conservative elite and he saw cowards, mercenaries and girly-men. He had made up his mind what he would do when he sold marriage and the rule of law to the Log Cabin crowd for an endorsement that he had also desperately sought in 1994. Why? Romney is a strategist. He knew that as a Mormon Republican, he would never win in Massachusetts without unequivocally jettisoning his religious baggage. Now that he needs the Mormon underwear in that baggage so he can be a social conservative in the GOP primary, he's overselling that brand.


But here's my biggest problem with your answer, Ann. So what? Are you saying that Romney to protect his political viability, Romney sacrificed marriage and trashed multiple parts of a state constitution that heavily influenced the US Constitution and that he can't be blamed?'' And Jeb Bush might have been run out of office (the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!) had he told the local police to stand down and walked in with state troopers and taken possession of Schiavo?'' And you're saying that Bush can't be held accountable for placing his own career over Terry Schiavo's life and every other life in the future that will be extinguished? Well, if Ann Coulter says that, I guess American civilization has outlived its usefulness. Topping out at just over 200 years, as predicted by Franklin and the other Founding Fathers. Ran out of men and ran out of women who value real men more than wealth, social position, etc. Adams and Jefferson having lived in Europe among the elites, both wondered thusly how we'd retain anything of the American character: "Will you tell me how to prevent luxury from causing effeminacy?"


Jeb Bush, Pryor, Romney. You either enforce constitutions or you surrender civilizations, Ann. Same as the authority of Scripture. Curtain A or Curtain B.'' Take it seriously or hand civilization over to the barbarians. There is nothing in between curtains A and B.' Jefferson and his fellow revolutionaries made that clear. But then they were a different breed from Romney, Sekulow, and Bopp. They knew when they signed the Declaration their chances of getting shot, hung or losing their property and social status was far greater than 50-50. Let's face it, Ann, most of the "conservative" elite is after the paycheck and the glory. Washington won the war, but Benedict Arnold owns the aftermath.


Do you know that some of your friends were so threatened by Judge Roy Moore's courage that they responded by putting knives in his back -- sending clear and strong messages to the Bush administration the media, etc, that he was a dangerous kook? Do you know they've done the same over and over again to Alan Keyes and Herb Titus? Do you seriously think Bopp, Sekulow, French, Hewitt, or Glendon could survive in a debate with Moore, Keyes or Titus over constitutionalism?


Do you think any of this is why Janice Rogers Brown had to watch Harriet Myers sweat out questions from idiots like Ted Kennedy, Patti-Girl Leahy, Arlen Spectre?


Coulter: you and I might prefer roy moore for president -- I wrote up his "man of the year" tribute for human events a few years ago --- but he's not running.''' No other candidate -- not even duncan hunter and DEFINITELY NOT that mike huckabee -- would have done what you are describing.


[ACA: They wouldn't have what? They wouldn't have betrayed the family and all that is good and right by single-handedly forcing same-sex marriage onto the people of Massachusetts ? Let's hope not.]


We are reaping what the placebo-conservatives at NRO, TownHall, ACLJ, ADF, etc' have sown for decades. Nobody decided up in heaven that we couldn't have real constitutionalism and real conservatism. Fake conservatives and fake constitutionalists decided it. Because that's how they make their living. Ostracizing the best people in the country. And airbrushing blow-dried prostitutes like Slick Willard.

Ann, There is a lot more. What you do about it is up to you.

Take care,


Gregg [Jackson, author of Conservative Comebacks, CPAC presidential sessions emcee, talk host]


P.S. Ann, here is the "Letter to Romney from the Pro-Family leaders" that describes in detail exactly how Mitt Romney acted illegally in instituting "gay marriage."

Here is the NY Times article that describes his promise not to oppose same sex marriage in return for their endorsement.

Here is a the most comprehensive information on the internet that shows how Romney illegally instituted "gay marriage" and violated his oath.




Coulter & Jackson Emails Re: 2008 Republican Primary Candidates


From: Gregg Jackson <>

Date: Wed, Oct 10, 2007 at 7:49 PM

Subject: Re: question for you

To: Ann Coulter <>


Ann, thanks for you input. I have to tell you as an ex-Mass resident I really detest Mitt. He is a "Republican John Kerry thru and thru." I am always waiting for him to say: "What do I have to do to get you into this car?" You are correct that he beat Teddy K. But he did it by claiming to be an "independent Republican" and went out of his way to distance himself from "Reagan-Bush" (the log cabin GOP just released a video documenting it which can be viewed on their site) He also ran as a pro choice candidate and claimed to be more "pro-gay" than Teddy K. Google the "Mitt Romney Deception" for full documentation on this deviously slick pol. He also gave Mass gay marriage by facilitating it threatening to fire justices of the peace who would not issue licenses to same sex couples. He also changed the certificates from "husband" and "wife" to "partner A" and "partner B" And by law he did not have to. He also bragged about having the most stringent gun control laws in the country and that he never took money from the NRA. Finally, he left Mass with a socialist HC plan Hillary would have been proud of. I wrote an article outlining it a few days ago published in Human Events


Sorry, but he is a liberal through and through and a dishonest one at that. At least Rudy is semi-honest about his pro abortion including tax payer funding, pro-same sex marriage, and pro gun control positions. But what is up with the fact he won't sign a "no new taxes pledge?" What the heck is the guy conservative on? Unfortunately. I believe that Hillary will wipe the mat with Rudy or Mitt or John b/c RINOs don't win national elections. Even if they did, I am not very confident that either would appoint Alito-Scalia-Roberts-Thomas justices . I tor stop the Dems from imposing more socialism. I think we would have a bunch more Kennedys and Souters. So that is why I was hoping Fred would be the one true conservative with a real shot at getting the nomination. i am with you regarding Hunter. I have Had him on the show a bunch and introduced him at CPAC and talked to him privately and love the guy (minus his isolationist/Lou Dobbs trade streak) but don't think he is a viable candidate. Actually Alan Keyes would be my choice if he were running.


So, I take it that you are advising me that Thompson is not the true conservative Christian candidate I am look for correct? If he is not, then I probably will not "endorse" or speak on behalf of any candidate. Why don't you run:-)




On 10/10/07, Ann Coulter <> wrote:


On Oct 10, 2007, at 9:55 PM, Gregg Jackson wrote:

I want to hear bold Reagan-like vision. I read your article tonight on Thomson. Do you have any advice for me? I take it you are not sold on him at all...


Coulter: I AGREE WITH YOU 100%!' I'm as torn as you are, except that I'm worried it will be rudy by default if social conservatives split their votes among the huckabees, thompsons, tancredos and so on.' (even duncan hunter whom I adore!)' after watching the debate last night, I just realized that in terms of stature, gravitas, speaking ability etc, rudy is always the winner (by far, unfortunately) and romney a closely-controlled 2nd.' obviously, btwn those two, I'd prefer romney.' I think romney is probably pretty conservative on all the social issues we care about, but threw liberals some rhetorical bones bc he was running in massachusetts . consider that if he had knocked out teddy kennedy, that would have been one of the greatest victories for social conservatives since reagan was elected.' also mormons are generally very conservative.' (I know it's a nutty religion, but I think that's just what he is by birth and doesn't spend a lot of time thinking about joseph smith's golden tablets.)' rudy is SUCH a good debater -- he's the only republican that doesn't give me a pit in my stomach when he's asked a question bc I'm so worried he'll blow the answer -- I wish he would just switch on abortion.' I guess I'm secretly hoping for a romney/rudy ticket -- or a ticket with rudy as the designated AG or something.' I just love when he gets that crazy-ass look in his eyes.'' the thing about rudy and romney is: you know they were as liberal as they will ever be governing INSANELY liberal jurisdictions like Mass and NYC and are probably a lot more conservative, whereas huckabee and thompson and mccain are probably a lot more liberal than their records suggest coming from states with sane voters.' I doubt this helped, but that's my basic view.



Gregg Jackson

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